Dominican Republic: Back to El Patio

We traveled back to Nelson's native Dominican Republic to spend some quality time with family. We had a special occasion that brought us to Santo Domingo: Nelson's Dad's 60th birthday! We wouldn't have missed it. We were blessed to also have some of our closest friends from home join us for a holiday of their own. We explored Nelson's hometown of Santo Domingo as well as toured some beautiful places outside of the bustling city including Boca Chica, San Rafael Barahona, and Bahia de las Aguilas. The entire family from New York joined and we spent the birthday weekend in La Romana. Nelson and his parents showed Allie the true Dominican experience with lots of platanos, Presidentes, parties, and many Spanish lessons in between. Enjoy our photos as we toured the country. 

Italy, always a special place to visit.

Nelson, Allie and Mom on Allie's birthday
There is truly something magical about Italy. Must be why we keep returning, something keeps pulling us back. Maybe its the people, or the wine, or the majestic Tuscan sunsets, or the incredible food, or the creamy gelato, or just a feeling of raw natural 'down to earth' living you get when you are there. Anytime you get to spend time in Italy is a blessing, but its even more special to spend your birthday there. Allie's mom came to meet us in Tuscany for Allie's birthday. We visited wineries and Nelson did some biking in the Tuscan hills. We then traveled to the Roman region and spent some time in a small ancient Roman town called Sutri. We truly enjoyed our time in Italy, again, and will be sure to return soon. Enjoy our photos.

Morocco - the Beautiful Chaos!

Morocco. As Nelson dubbed it, the beautiful chaos! In our first trip to the African continent we traveled to Casablanca, Fez, into the Saharan desert, and rounded out the trip in Marrakesh. Each place was so unique. The people were very friendly to us. As one can imagine, Morocco in July is hot but we were lucky enough to have some unusually extra hot winds coming from deep in the Sahara in Algeria our entire trip. So 100+ everyday with hot breezes. Other than the heat, the country had so much to offer with natural beauty, an ancient history, and a unique culture that we truly enjoyed exploring. 

France and Germany with Family

We traveled through France where we spent some quality priceless time with Nelson's godmother Mary and her husband Girard. We always enjoy our time with them in Chateauneuf sur Isere. Allie enjoyed cooking and baking with Mary while Nelson enjoyed all the eating. From there we met Allie's mom in Lyon and traveled north through France with a day stop in Nancy, where Allie and her mom made the local newspaper! We then traveled to Frankfurt, Germany where we met up with Allie's Dad and brother. Overall it was a wonderful time spending time with those we love. ***Disclaimer*** - Do not look at these pictures when hungry. :)

Galicia, Spain - A welcomed surprise of natural beauty!

Upon completing our Camino across Spain, we met Nelson's family in Santiago as we began to explore the region of Galicia. We didn't know much about it upon visiting but one of Nelson's parents' friends was a local and gave us the royal tour. We truly enjoyed our time here with family and were amazed by the beauty in a 'new to us' region of Spain. The natural beauty of the ocean cliffs is reminiscent of those in Ireland, as it is right across the pond. Galicia was also a Celtic settlement at one point. 

Enjoy some pictures of our treasured time with family in Spain.

Camino de Santiago- Our way

Finishing the Camino in Santiago de Compostela

We made a decision to take on a new journey. A journey that took 32 days. A journey where we found our way across Spain, and in the process found out more about ourselves. A journey filled with breathtaking scenery, delicious new foods, amazing individuals with kind spirits, while physically challenging our bodies and our minds everyday.  We walked 500 miles from France to the west corner of Spain to Santiago de Compostela and we would recommend the adventure to anyone!

We hope you enjoy a sample of our photos, although they do the scenery and our adventure little justice.

Never Stop Exploring

Nelson and Allie visit Key West in August 2012

"Never Stop Exploring" is the saying that is printed on the handle of our luggage. Every trip we make that saying is staring us in the face. Its a wonderful reminder that life is truly a journey and that we should never stop seeking new adventures. That is just what we have been up to the past three years away from the blog and it is what we intend to keep doing!

Hello, blog followers! Since the proposal back in 2012, a lot has happened. We figured it was about time we catch the blog up to 2015. Some blog postings to expect in the future will be centered around:

  • The trip in closing: How we are different and where do we go from here?
  • Starting a New Life in Florida
  • Life as Husband and Wife
  • Turkey: OUR ultimate honeymoon destination
  • Panama: Carnival with the Panamanians
  • Colombia: An up and coming tourist destination
  • Fun travels throughout the diverse US

Even though the travel blog has been on hiatus, our adventurous lives have not. Let us catch you up...

Italy Pt. 2- Calabria, family, and the proposal!

Nelson and Allie in the church he proposed in, Pianopoli Italy

While traveling in Italy, we decided to head far south to where Allie's family immigrated to America from. Allie had visited family still living in Pianopoli, the small town in Calabria, back in 2001 with family. When we returned in 2012, We were welcomed with open arms from Allie's father's cousins. We spent several nights in this tiny town that has deep meaning to Allie. Little did Allie know, after leaving it would mean so much more! Nelson had a plan to propose to Allie in the church that her grandparents were married in. After some confusion about which church Allie's grandparents were actually married in, Nelson popped the question at the correct church by the altar. Allie cried tears of joy, and of course accepted. Our family had a delicious lunch waiting for us with a thoughtful congratulatory cake. A whirlwind of emotions from the minute we arrived in the small town. Allie remembered her last visit to the town 11 years prior with her great aunt, great uncle and cousins from Montreal, and her aunt and uncle and cousins from the states and beautiful memories they created. The memories of Zio Pino as we were honored to stay in his apartment. Allie was just happy to share the town that meant so much to her with Nelson. Now it has a special place in Nelson's heart as well with new happy memories. Enjoy our photos of a place and event that means so very much to us! We miss you all and hope to see you again soon! 

Italy Pt. 1- Exploring an Paestum and Agropoli

Beautiful view in Agropoli

Ahhh, Italy! There's no other place quite like it. Very laid back, very passionate for their culture, and very inviting. We decided to end our journey around the world with a Euro Road trip. From Nice, France we drove south to Italy. Along the west coast, we decided to stop in an old Greek settlement, Paestum. Paestum is just south of Naples. We stayed for 4 days and truly enjoyed our time and the food! We ventured to Agropoli, a beautiful seaside town on a hill. We saw ancient Greek ruins and relaxed on beautiful beaches. Next, we venture further south to Calabria, the region which Allie's family immigrated from, where we visit Allie's family and Nelson had a huge surprise for Allie!

France Pt. 3: The French Riviera!

Allie and Nelson on the romantic French Riviera!
Ahhh! The south of France! The beautiful blue waters, the fresh air, the amazing food! The south of France was incredible. We had such a blast, especially since we met up with Allie's family. Allie's brother and his girlfriend came from Arizona and her parents were gracious enough to rent a house for us all in the small town of Vence overlooking the Cote d'Azur. We traveled to Nice, Monaco, Antibes, and St. Tropez. We snapped photos with some amazing views, some amazing eats, and some amazing family! Thank you for coming out to meet us in France! We built some amazing memories in our week long stay on the Riveria! Next up, we road trip it to Italia where we met with more family and ate more amazing food. :)