Cambodia Pt.3: A day with Cambodian children

Nelson playing with the kids
When we arrived in Cambodia we were taken back by the poverty, we wanted to help in anyway we could. Although a very small act of volunteer work, we chose a worthy charity and signed up for a day with the children. CHOICE Cambodia is a charity that primarily provides clean drinking water to villages outside of the main city. They also have a small school set up an hour from Phnom Penh. Every other Sunday 4 local villages send their children to the school where we volunteered. The organization provides arts and crafts, games, english lessons, and a hearty meal for all the children. This getaway from their daily lives every other week is sometimes the only way for them to obtain such attention and have a bit of fun. We helped with arts and crafts for the day. We couldn't help but notice that these children were so incredibly happy! They were full of energy, playing catching, hitting mangoes down from the tree and practicing English. They also listened to directions very well and were able to focus on their drawings. The experience was very well worth it and we encourage anyone who is interested to check out CHOICE's website here  CHOICE

Our time in Cambodia and as we traveled throughout the world, made us truly appreciate our lives and what we have. We are truly blessed and we feel we are in a position to help others. If you feel the same, we encourage you to help out in your own communities. There is always someone who could use your help. 

Clean drinking water for local villages
The children anxiously awaiting the day of fun
The boys, everyone wanted to give the sign of peace.
Sweet girls
More peace
Nelson with the kids. They loved him!
Allie with the divas! We nicknamed these girls the divas because they asked us to take their picture at least 20x and after everyone they wanted to see the picture and they would giggle and pose for another.

Bunny ears!

Playing games in the courtyard
The kids playing
This shy one didn't want his picture taken but Nelson fixed that.
The volunteers helping the kids get mangoes from the trees.
So in an effort to explain the arts and crafts task of drawing yourself, Allie tried to explain and show by drawing herself. All the kids seemed to understand. When Allie came back around, they were all drawing Allie! 
Hard at work on his drawing

Having fun with the kids.

Nelson drawing himself with the kids.
Time to go home
Goodbye kids!


  1. The children are so beautiful and it was very nice that you both spent time helping out in the community. The CHOICE organization is doing God's work and needs all our help. I hope others will join me in donating to help this great cause at the following link ...

  2. Did you get to keep all the photos of "you"?!

  3. Choice is THE Charity in Phnom Penh. APACHE GROUP has looked deep into this organisation and can highly recommend it to anyone to visit, help and donate. Donations are 110% for the ones who need them. Apache controls choice books yearly. They have every penny listed. You want to know more about life in Cambodia and how to volunteer effectively without giving your time and money to the ^wrong^ people, please visit our website.
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    Apache admin